Thursday, May 16, 2013

ChaLEAN Extreme Day.....11!

So, today's workout was supposed to be Burn Intervals and Ab Burner, but I only did Burn Intervals since I had a lot to get done tonight with several things!

I'm finding that Burn Intervals is going to be my most loved and most hated workout. In this she goes for maximum endurance in both muscles and aerobic. So, you have cardio bursts that rocket up your heart rate (my highest today was 181 I think) and for your 'rest' you lift light weights for 'a bazillion' reps. And, yes, it does feel like a bazillion reps! But nevertheless, i shouldn't complain too much as it was a 500 calorie burn in 45 minutes. I love workouts that let you get in and get it done! Also, really enjoying having this E&E to help power through the workouts in the afternoon and will probably be purchasing more of it soon!

Will be back tomorrow after doing Burn Circuit 3! Hopefully I'll get it done first thing in the morning!!

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