Thursday, January 3, 2013

One Step at a Time

So, yesterday was my first day back to work of the new year. Working in an elementary school, I've found that teachers often bring treats to school to share (or get rid of), especially the teacher I most directly work for. This makes it a daily challenge at work to not go after the goodies hiding in one of the cabinets. And when I say goodies I'm talking about jolly ranchers, sweet tarts, starbursts, skittles, airheads, all of those little candies that are straight up sugar and also painfully addictive. However, yesterday the teacher had left over chocolates from the last week of school in December. She had received them as a gift and opened them up as free game for everybody. I am sad to say I did have a few of these chocolates, all the dark chocolate versions of course, but I still should not have ate any of them. The rest of the day I did really well though. Breakfast was chocolate vegan shakeology with unsweetened almond milk, snacks (besides the chocolates....) was baby carrots and deli turkey, lunch itself was sara lee wheat bread with deli turkey and the remainder of the baby carrots while dinner was another chocolate vegan shake with unsweetened almond milk.

My two cents on the chocolate vegan shakeology:

The first time I had it, I did find it grainy and a bit hard to get the whole thing down, but over the last couple of months I have found myself eager to make this shake in the morning. I love its dark chocolate taste, the texture makes me feel like its more of a real food then a shake, and its so easy to make with so much good stuff in it that I can't help but be glad to have one every morning.

Aside from nutrition for the day, I got in a good hard workout. As part of Day 3 of RevAbs, I did Power Intervals. The title most definitely aptly describes this workout as it takes tons of power to get through it and contains multiple interviews. I burned just under 400 calories in a mere thirty minutes by doing this workout!

As for today (as I did fail to post yesterday, but I will post again later this evening on how today goes), I will be doing Total Strength and Mercy Abs when I get home from work. Tomorrow will be Fire Up Your Abs, and I may toy around with some of the 10 Minute Trainer DVD's and give my two cents on how those workouts compare to some of the longer ones people are used to!

In my schedule, I was supposed to do my workout today at 5:30am. Unfortunately, I woke up with a headache and knew my body needed extra rest. So, I went back to sleep for an hour and the headache was mostly gone. However, this doesn't mean I'm going to skip on doing my workout today, it just means I'm going to do it a different time and still push myself to do the absolute best I can.

Keep pushing play and never give up!!

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