Friday, January 4, 2013

When to Weigh Yourself and Why

A lot of people have a specific number in mind when they start working out for the purpose of losing weight. For some, its of the utmost importance to know what your current weight is constantly, but it turns out this is not the best plan for you. Our bodies change weight on a daily basis, based on water retention, what we have that day, the intensity of our workout. For example, a higher intensity workout doesn't necessarily mean you'll see lower numbers on the scale the next day. I remember weighing myself the day after running a half marathon and seeing I had gained five pounds. It made no sense to me at the time, until I figured out that my body had retained fluids to heal the muscles from the long run! As such, make a schedule of when you are going to weigh yourself - once a week would be best. By weighing yourself weekly, and you should definitely make it the same day of the week at approximately the same time for the most accurate measurement, it will give you a progress report of your week. If you don't exactly see the healthy two pound loss you were hoping for, then it should push you to do better for the next week. If you have seen a two pound loss, keep going strong and don't reward yourself with any high calorie foods (we'll talk about rewards later!).

Why am I mentioning all of this? Because up until recently I was one of those that weighed myself daily - and was often daily dejected because I wouldn't see the results I wanted! Now, I have determined a weekly weigh in every Sunday morning before breakfast and probably before my workout as well (which will be the easiest workout of the week, a stretching/yoga workout). This means my next weigh in won't be until the 6th! I thought about weighing myself this morning after doing the first three days of RevAbs - but I told myself to wait.

As for how I did yesterday, I unfortunately ate more of those chocolates. And today is the rescheduled Christmas parties for the kids since school was canceled on the day they were supposed to be before break, which probably means more sweets around. I just have to remember to say no! If you want to check out my daily diary of nutrition, you can add me on myfitnesspal, username cjfaulkenberry12.

What workout are you doing today? What is your nutrition going to look like? Accountability is key! Don't forget to push play today!

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